Sunday, May 1, 2005

Garden fun!

Things the hubby and I achieved this weekend:
  • We dug up one of the freaking huge cement posts that anchored the porch we destroyed two weeks ago.

  • We lay down newspapers and mulch over some of the grass we want to kill to create new garden space. Neil says "yet more garden space for Karen's obsession".

  • Neil began work on the shelving system for the shed.

  • We more or less finished the dog house ("per the stupid ass SPCA regulations" says the man on the couch"). It'll need some insulation for winter but it's good for the summer.

  • The dog house doubles as a potting bench. :)

  • I trimmed the sage bush and parsley.

  • Threw the ball a few million times for the puppy. :)

  • Tried out the new digital camera we bought yesterday, but have yet to upload the pictures.

Now all I need to do is finish my taxes for the year.


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