Friday, April 29, 2005

Blog addiction

This blogging thing, which I started as a lark after reading The Iceland Weather Report for a few weeks, has become quite addictive.

I keep adding new blogs to read, and thinking about what to write, and I hope to buy a digitial camera to add pics soon.

Feel free (ya know, if anyone's out there reading me) to recommend more blogs. I like the voices of slightly quirky but mostly ordinary, calm adults. Politics - 'though I prefer Canadian, being Canadian, the Americans are fascinating as well. Fiber arts that don't involve knitting, beautiful photography, gardening, and Living History - Viking Era (which explains in part my fascination with Iceland).

I also just really like the darn sheep. :)




Alda said...

Hi Karen, thanks for commenting today. So you're a Canadian Icelandophile, huh?? You know, my mother raises Icelandic sheep in Ontario, just north of Kingston. :)

Nancy said...

Hi Karen - I have some great blogs on my blogroll you can check out. You might esp enjoy The Hermit’s Notebook as she also blogged about Andrea Dworkin. Beauty Dish and Chew Toys are also daily reads, and of course The Icelandic Weather Report, which is what brought me to you. Have fun blogging!

Vittra said...

I'm not certain that my list of recommended blogs would interest you, but feel free to visit both my blogs, read them and perhaps even check the blogs I recommend. Hang in there, I only just discovered your blog from a comment you left on another (so start commenting on every post everywhere that you can).

By the way, the weather report is more than devious: it's evil.