Wednesday, April 27, 2005

sleep deprived

I am sleep deprived. (Had to look that up. I was a spelling bee champion at some point in my life but I'm sleep-deprived.)

Ohh! The hubby just sent me a link for an Iceland image bank. Shiny!

Easily distracted. That's another sign.

That I can barely keep my eyes open is another one.

You see I lay in bed all night, last night and the night before as well, but I remember most of it. The dreams and mundane things alike.

Mundane things that happen nightly - like the dog and cat conversing, the middle of the night bathroom visit (what can I say? I'm middle-aged), letting the dog out for his middle of the night visit, and letting him back in, the husband rolling over, the husband snoring, the cat getting off the bed, and the dog leaping up, repeat ad-nauseum.

Last night's dreams involved the house burning down, with Neil in it, and I'm living in a trailer-home on the site, waiting for it to be rebuilt. But it's okay because the gardens are finally perfect.

I have to decide in another hour or so whether to go to the Gym and exercise tonight or not. It might help me sleep. But I can barely keep my eyes open, let alone walk a brisk one on a treadmill with too loud, bad music blaring and mindless idiocy on one of three pre-programmed tvs. I really need to get an mp3 player so I can have too loud music that I like drowning out that which I don't.

I'm a new blog. I wish y'all have discovered me so I can benefit from your wisdom in making that 'to exercise or not to exercise' decision.

I could always pretend that I'm going to go out into the garden (should there be a brief interlude in the rain) when I get home instead and get my exercise there. Grass to yank up to create more garden space and all. That's worthy exercise.


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