Friday, May 20, 2005

Mixed reviews

On the Political Front:

Yeah! We don't have to have two freaking elections wasting our tax dollars in the same year. Now maybe Stephen Harper will sit down and shut up.

On Conservative MLA Tony Abbott:

Apparently, the man apologized (both publicly and privately) for his remarks about Belinda Stronach. Kudos to the man for 'fessing up to his own rudeness.

On the Garden :)

I took bunches more pictures last night and I promise I'll have some of them up soon.

I also sprayed the veggie garden with a total wipe-out to kill all the weeds, prepatory to planting this weekend. The product says it has no soil action whatsoever, so there's no need to wait for a long time before planting seeds.

I think next year 'though I'll lay down newspapers and mulch in the fall, so the spring weeds can't pop up at all. It seems like a much more environmentally friendly thing to do.

We can't really rototil in that garden since the 100+ year old maple's roots run throughout that area.

I am itching to plant! And the grass sorely needs to be cut. We've been so busy lately, and the weather temperatures have been sucky until recently, that I haven't had much chance to do the planting. But now it's the official last frost date weekend and I'm raring to go!

I asked Neil to remind me next year not to buy so many plants so far ahead of time, and the poor lad just choked on his snort of laughter. :)


behaviour - a word I just stuck in to find out which language the spell checker is presuming we all speak. American, apparently. I should have known.

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