Tuesday, May 3, 2005

Top Five

For no particular reason, and in no particular order, I present: The Top Five lists.

Top Five SciFi/Fantasy Authors (all of whom have several books each, most of which I've read):
1. Gael Baudino (before she lost faith)
2. Mercedes Lackey (pure mind-candy)
3. Joan Slonczewski (because she's not mind-candy)
4. Patricia Kennealy-Morrison (currently missing in action)
5. Rosemary Edghill (for her faith)

Favourite Feminist Writer by far:
1. Kay Leigh Hagan

There's only one in this category, and she's currrently missing in action as well. Is it that unrealistic of me to expect good writers to keep writing and publishing?

Favourite Relatively Obscure Folk Music:
1. Heather Bishop
2. Ferron
3. Jennifer Berezan
4. Rhiannon
5. Lucie Blue Tremblay
6. Holly Near
7. Sweet Honey in the Rock
8. Chris Williamson

Couldn't stop at five. :)

Favourite Mainstream Rock:
1. Tori Amos
2. Melissa Etheridge
3. Indigo Girls
4. Sarah McLachlan
5. Tegan and Sara

Favourite Relatively Obscure Rock:
1. Dead Kennedys
2. Four Non-Blondes (probably defunct)
3. Concrete Blonde (now defunct)
4. Two Nice Girls (also defunct)
5. Lydia Lunch

More tomorrow.



Nancy said...

For more obscure folk music try Christine Lavin’s “Big Times in a Small Town.” It’s a collection of different folk singers recorded at a folk festival at Martha’s Vinyard. And for a great feminist writer, actually more woman’s history but still great, try Cokie Roberts’ “We Are Our Mothers' Daughters” or her new book “Founding Mothers : The Women Who Raised Our Nation”

Karen said...

Ohhh....more books to read. Yippee. There's a problem with working in a library - too many books, not enough lifetime. :) I'll add those to the list.

I like Christine Lavin well enough, but she just didn't make the Favourites list.

Do you know about Ladyslipper and Goldenrod Music as the best places online to buy women's music?

Lots and lots more obscure women folk / rock / etc musicians to find!