Friday, May 13, 2005

Bunch o'Paragraphs

This bunch of paragraphs will be brought to you by Karen's scattered, and occasionally too-busy life.

Let's see now, backing up in time.... on wednesday, Neil and I took the afternoon off of our respective jobs and went up to Richters, just north and west of Toronto.
I bought a rather large supply of baby herb plants, including calendula, st.john's wort, creeping speedwell, arnica, motherwort, woad, weld, madder, goldenseal, wormwood, blue spice basil, golden hops, and.... this is where my memory runs out. The herbs are at home, and I'm not at the moment.

Suffice to say I hope I have enough garden space for it all.

Not that I know how to use medicinal herbs particularily, but I would like to learn someday. In the meantime, I can grow them.

We've been dog-sitting for Neil's mom, and we dropped Shelley off that evening as well. I became quite fond of Shelley while she was visiting and I miss her.

That spinning wheel in the background is some small proof that I actually do have a Fiber hobby. I've been feeling guilty about not fitting it in recently, so for the past couple of evenings, I've tried my hand at plying my first skein on a drop spindle. I'm not sure if I've done it correctly - the S spin and Z spin things give me a headache, but both skeins look good. I need to do more in order to use them in a naalbinding project.

The idea of ever having enough handspun for a weaving project just blows my mind. I just don't have the time to do that much spinning. However did the Norse women manage?

On thursday....we both went back to work, and then in the evening, I spent too much money on other gardening supplies, while Neil played baseball with his company. Or rather, he tried to, but instead partially blew out a knee and is limping around today. *sigh* Men.

And that brings us to today. I'm sniffling with the beginnings of a cold. The frost of the last few nights may not be getting to my plants, but it is apparently getting to me. Neil's back in his office, limping around on the last day of software release. I told him to use the phone to chase people today instead of running around the building to chase people. Software development management - it's apparently something like trying to herd cats.

Neil's off to play with the Ontario Artisan Blacksmith's Association tomorrow, to record the building and successful (we hope, let's keep the fingers crossed) use of a Norse-age iron smelter. I'm going to stay home, nurse my cold, feel miserable for myself, and maniacally plant things. Or mulch things. Or something.

If the temperature doesn't warm up, or if it rains, I might have to do some spinning instead. *gasp*


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