Wednesday, May 18, 2005


All I need to do is to quit my job for a little while, and then I'd have the time I need to spend in the garden.

Unfortunately, that's not very likely.

The hubby took me to the nursery last night to buy some annuals. He wanted to get them before all the crowds on the long weekend. It's as likely a story as any. :) I think he just likes to feed my habit. I can see his delighted smile when he watches me finding some new pretty thing to ooh and ahh over.

Unfortunately, I think the crowds had already largely gotten to this nursery - two of the annuals that I wanted were already gone, and they were out of coco baskets in the size I need.

Now on another topic - Belinda Stronach quitting the Conservative Party? It's about damned time. In my opinion, she never belonged there.

But don't get me started on the misogyny being displayed by our so-called civil servants in their varying reactions so far. My favourite is (and I paraphrase in absence of a documented quote) "she's just a little rich girl whoring herself out to the Liberals". This from fundamentalist christian Alberta MLA Tony Abbott. One might tend to think that he'd have more respect for women, as his church at least pretends to espouse.

Diminishing, demeaning, rude and crude. looks like I got started.

Never mind, that's why I garden. It reduces my blood pressure.



Mia, the Nature Nut said...

I know what you mean Karen ... between blogging, applying hacks to blog, checking stats on blog, submitting blog to search engines, I hardly have time to do actual gardening.

Then there are my other hobbies, like quilting, biking, photography.

I think we were born to be independently wealthy - don't you?

Karen said...

I don't think I'm quite as addicted to blogging as you are, mia! Wow, what a lot of work.

I've been wanting to do quilting for a long time now - but this guy came along and took my textile hobbies into a historic (Viking Era) turn for awhile. I may have to expand outwards again.

There's only so much drop spinning, naalbinding, weaving, and dyeing a girl can stand before she needs to go back to crotcheting or branch out to quilting.

I sure wish I was independantly wealthy!