Monday, May 9, 2005

The Weather

I don't know whether to say 'damn the weather', or 'wow, dig that weather'. Seriously, I'm mixed up.

Enviroment Canada's WeatherOffice says we're due for frost on thursday evening (low of 0°C). Which really fucks with the plants I planted yesterday and have every intention of planting tonight.

But holy cow, is it ever great right now, and it was fantastic! over the weekend.

Yesterday, Neil expanded the gardens once again, by digging up some grass. I helped a bit, but was really wiped most of the day. Then we planted a few of the hardier purchases.

It doesn't sound like we did a lot, but it sure feels / looks like we did!

I've got to get the camera out and start taking pics of the progress.

This wednesday, we've both taken the afternoon off so we can visit Richters on the way back to his mom's house to return the dog that we've been taking care of for the last week while she's out of town. I'm going to miss Shelly, she's such a shy sweetheart.

Richters is going to be a dangerous place for me to visit. I've already got a growing list of herbs and flowers and books that I'd like to buy there. The big question is... even with all this new garden space, where am I going to plant it all?

Clearly, the Fiber hobby is taking a back seat to the Gardening hobby at the moment.


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Anonymous said...

you can always plant the excess over here!