Saturday, May 7, 2005

Tired now.

Glass bead-making, being a puppy 'mum', thinking about being a real mum, reading, gardening, and of course, blogging. The other hobbies I mentioned yesterday, in case anyone cares, or is actually reading this blog.

I'm tired right now. It's a saturday and we woke up to the alarm. Which is in itself an Evil Thing. But it was for a good cause. We met my parents, and wandered around this nearby town that turns itself into one gigantic yard sale for the day. Many new plants were bought. Much wandering around looking at junk occurred.

And then there was this brand spanking new and gigantic greenhouse that had it's grand opening on the same day, in the same town.


But then I took my parents off to a new (to them) store that specializes in airplane paraphenalia. My dad worked on the Avro Arrow project. He was in heaven, but all he bought was a baseball cap with the Arrow logo on it.

Then we wandered off to the Surplus store next door. Mind numbing amounts of more junk.

And then they wanted to help me weed! Not that I'm complaining much, but at this point, I just wanted to sit down for awhile. Still we got some of it done, and I learned the difference between a violet and creeping charlie.

I've been in heavy vegetable mode ever since they left. Funny how two 60+ year olds can have more energy then their daughter. I miss them.


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