Thursday, May 26, 2005

photo blog

Some of the things currently in bloom in my garden:

Muscari, or grape hyacinth.

The daffodils are almost finished but I caught this one on film.

I just this morning had this identified by a coworker who has much more experience in the garden then myself. It's a Japanese Quince.

The Leopardsbane is just starting to bloom.

This strange species pops up everywhere in the yard, but only when we are outside with it, and always seems to come attached with a dog alert and focussed nearby.

Another one just identified this morning as an Anemone. Apparently the underwater creatures have cousins above ground as well - who knew?

Ivy on the house.

This beatiful red and white tulip is one of the new bulbs that I planted last year. It foliage (not seen in the pic) has a white edging to it.

One of the varieties of Primose.

This trio just lost it's petals yesterday, but you can see it captured forever this past weekend. I am very very fond of tulips, after all.

Karen :)


Mia, the Nature Nut said...

Hey Karen,

glad to see you self-submitted to Sheila Lennon's garden blogs. I get lots of traffic from there.

Love the pics - somehow, my bloglines newsfeed did not register this post.


Mia, the Nature Nut said...


me again. Just went over to BlogLines to check my subscription to your site and it looks like your atom feed may not be working properly??

Just thought I'd mention it ...


Anonymous said...

Gee, you'll have to meet our anemones. Different again.

Vittra said...

All those flowers are really beautiful. It makes me envy your garden. Do you have an overall picture of your entire garden? I'd like to see what all these flowers look like together, as you would see it when you step out the door.

I'm sure it would be a beautiful orgy of colour and beauty.

Karen said...

hi mia,

Will check out the RSS feed thing. :)

hello there mysterious 'v' :) - I think I did note your amenones this weekend, but let's check in two weeks.

Hi vittra,

Actually, it's several gardens - there's the one in front of the house, and the one between the fenceline and the sidewalk, and the veggie garden, and another inside the fenceline on the driveway, and another along the fenceline from the shed all the way around to the front of the property on the other side, and the herb garden which is by the gate to the fence and wrapping around the house a bit, and last but not least - the new one along the fenceline again between ourselves and the pub next door (it's a small town - we have perfect peace and quiet on a 1/3 of an acre in the middle of town, right next to a 50 odd year old pub).

Except for the one day a year the bikers visit but then no one in town gets peace and quiet that day.


Karen said...

Oh yeah... and there are trees several decades older then myself on every corner of the property.

Ash, two different Elms, a couple of different Maples, and Cherry - and of course, their children. And squirrels have deposited chestnut trees all over the place as well.

So... lots of shade.