Sunday, May 18, 2008

Which is Better?

Orkney, or Historic Scotland fudge?

If just one person posts a comment, I'll consider telling you. :)



Craftygrrrl said...

Are these fudges the smooth creamy kind or the crumbley type? I'm quite particular about the texture of my fudge with smooth and creamy being the winner.

Nina said...

With a choice between butter and vanilla, I'd probably choose Vanilla but I agree with creaminess being a huge factor. I rather dislike overly sweet fudge or harsh tasting fudges as well. Of course the word Historic Scotland on the packaging is almost a draw, though the knotwork on the other one makes it a close call.

Karen said...

Craftygrrl nails the issue.

Neil and I both agree that while the Historic Scotland fudge is creamier and smoother and we generally prefer those qualities as well.... the Orkney fudge far outstrips it in pure taste alone.

Two thumbs up for Orkney fudge. :)

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