Saturday, May 24, 2008

Untitled? Boy, must I have been sleepy!

Nina wrote in the comments...
"That is one very cool castle and info on the website. The mascot is incredibly cute as well. The tapestry is awesome. Any idea how long it is taking to complete them?
Sleeplessness must be atmospheric or something like that. I hope things look brighter in the morning."

Things were definitely brighter in the morning. 'Though I'm still not sleeping as well as I do at home.

The tapestries are indeed awesome. I think I want to try it someday when I get a bigger house and can have more then one loom set up somewhere. :)

It took them 3 years to do one of the panels (can't remember which one). There are 3 finished panels and they're hoping for 7 (I think). They are currently in the middle of the 4th and the weaver's shed is open to the public but it's a little frustrating. There are signs asking the public not to speak to the weavers because the work requires concentration, and we're not allowed to take photos.

Not that anyone other then the rule-oriented Canadians obeyed either request. And I wanted to do both photos and conversation!

Now... Vandy has asked in email why I haven't blogged Iceland yet.

The answer is just that the days have been so long and so full, and the pictures were so heavy today that I haven't had time yet to sort through all the pictures and decide which ones to talk about! Text posts are a whole lot faster to write then photo posts.

In Iceland, there's approximately 1 public pool for every 2,000 citizens. The average citizen uses 1 tonne of hot water every day. Everyone swims or sits in a hot pot almost every day. In Waterloo, that would equate to approximately 50 public pools. There are exactly 3, if you include the pools at the two Universities.

Geothermal energy is violently abundant and _cheap_ here. It costs them to _cool_ the water, not to heat it.

There's one of these pools just around the corner from the guesthouse that we're staying in. It's availability lengthens the day we spent out of the guesthouse and away from the wireless access.

I'll try to get some pictures up tomorrow. I think the pool closes early on Sundays. ;)


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Nina said...

3 years is a long time for one project! Thanks for the info.