Monday, May 5, 2008

Hafnarfjordur, Njarðvík, and Edinburgh

You have no idea how hard it is to pick images to blog with out of the some 80 odd images that I've taken in the past two days.

Upload them, tag them (all), pick them, rename them, make thumbnails, and finally mount them. Then ya gotta type the link in correctly (a little detail). Whew!

And I've got two blogs to update tonight - here, and on DARC's blog.

Thankfully, the husband has been very helpful tonight.

So, we last left you yesterday (sunday) morning in Iceland. The plane to Glasgow didn't happen until 5:30pm (Iceland time) so we had some time to wander around a bit more.

First we went to Hafnarfjordur for lunch at the Viking Village.

I think Neil wanted to get it over with quickly because I really want to check this out, and ....let's just say it doesn't have a reputation for accurately portraying the Viking Age. Vandy, you should check out the menus.

Unfortunately for both of us, the restaurant only does dinners. So we'll have to go back when we're there again at the end of May.

Instead, we ate a hot dog and looked at some art near the harbour.

Off to Njarðvík, which is on the way to the airport, where we just tripped upon a Viking ship (see the DARC blog) and this rather neat bit of Viking-inspired art in the middle of a roundabout.

For my Canadian friends who are just getting used to the things, Iceland is swarming in roundabouts. They really do make the driving so much more efficient.

In the airport, we had some more skyr. It really is delicious. I wish we could get it in Canada in a fashion that's easier then ordering it express-couriered from Gimli, Manitoba (edited because Vandy's right, I am too tired and too far away to know my provinces).

So.....on to a plane, off to Glasgow, which we immediately skipped and hired a car into Edinburgh. We'd planned to take the train, but the cost proved to be only a tiny bit more, was much more efficient and direct, and the driver was an absolutely delightful travel guide.

Woke up the next day and headed off to the Edinburgh Castle, where they are just starting to set up for some sort of event just outside the Castle. I tried to figure it out to provide you a link, but I'm mystified. Anyway, we likely won't be here to partake. We've got one more day here and then we're off to see the rest of Scotland.

We spent quite a lot of time in the Edinburgh Castle (it's huge), here's another view. The small buildings in front have been converted to a small restaurant called the RedCoat Cafe. Pleasant enough.

This is one of the gardens inside the castle grounds. You know me and flowers, I couldn't resist.

And this is the view inside of St.Margaret's Chapel. It was very.... still. Peaceful. A zillion visitors didn't disturb this tiny sanctuary.

We also hit the Royal Mile Whiskies shop (apparently they find shipping to Canada difficult) and the Scotch Whiskey Experience (Neil decided that £9.50 each was overpriced for a one hour tour and one shot). No pictures there, I guess I'm just not as attached to Scotch.

Another edit here - I must have been really zonked last night. I completely forgot to mention the Tartan Weaving Mill. And I can't imagine why I didn't take any pictures here. Maybe Neil is subtly influencing me - he hates plaids.

I was a bit disappointed. The place is huge, contains lots of shops, is all about the history of tartans - and all of the displays of weaving are covered in a hefty layer of dust. Not to mention that they did't have the family tartan that I wanted in a lady's kilt "off the peg". I'd have to special order it at some large price. I am considering just bringing the fabric back and staring at it for the next 30 years instead.

And finally..... of course, there was fudge. :) The fellow who was making the fudge was quite the showman and reminded us both of us of a friend.

Tomorrow is another day in Edinburgh. Must blog at DARC and sleep soon.


vandy said...

Actually, m'dear, you import your skyr from Gimli, which is in Manitoba, but that's okay. You're far away in a different time zone, and bound to be befuddled.

vandy said...

Darrell said they had that skyr in Denmark and he had some. Though he felt it was less skyr-like than we've come to know...(Like we have so much experience!)