Tuesday, May 27, 2008


We had a visitor yesterday afternoon when we returned to the room.....

This is Ragnarr - his tag tells us his name and address (next door). We opened the door to our room and found Ragnarr walking toward us. We assumed he'd gotten in via an open window (no European place to date seems to believe in screens) and couldn't find his way out so we escorted him out the door.

A few hours later he was back at the window, wanting in. So we let him in and spent an hour or two watching him curl up on a bed and go to sleep. When we wanted to go to sleep we pushed him out into the cool world to find his way home - cruel, I know.

I've been looking for him this evening, but he seems to have abandoned us.



vandy said...

You're kidding! Ragnarr? Wow!

Gypsy said...

Europeans don't believe in screens because there isn't any point. Screens small enough to keep out Midges are called glass.