Wednesday, July 13, 2011

New dig site!

Apparently the search for a Viking Age harbour in Slite didn't pan out. There was no evidence in any of our finds - many mixed layers, and history all over the modern period.

So..... as of Monday, Dan moved us to a new site in Hellvi to dig a Migration Era Iron Age house. It's a 400m walk from the parking lot, through both cow and sheep fields and we climb over two fences and one bridge. We do this twice a day, going both in and out for lunch back in Slite. We're really getting some exercise in!

I`ll try to remember to take pictures of the walk in, it`s actually quite a pleasant combination of field and forest.

Once again, we deturfed the old fashioned way, but this time we had 22 people working all at once - it went quite faster. Although... there are a few rocks.

Early finds include: bones (including some mandibles and teeth) from a variety of animals, iron age pottery (undecorated), slag, and a bit of glass.

Today was a good day - we found a tiny spiral of silver wire...

a blue bead...

a piece of decorated pottery......

and an iron knife, remarkably well preserved.

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