Monday, October 29, 2007

Bits and Bobs

Bone-tired. So much on the go. And so much left to do. It's all good, it's just draining. I'm sorry that I haven't posted much lately.

Meatstuffs - We recently stocked up on the meatstuffs by visiting Well Fed Foods again. It's a great place.

Which leads me to another thought - it's a place that I might not have discovered, or thought much about if I hadn't gotten exposed to the whole idea of Local Eating at Pocket Farm. Liz has recently decided to stop blogging and I will miss her greatly.

Participated in Bogenschutzenfest! and the weather turned out wonderful. It's one of our favourite activities every year. I became a flugelman!

Garden Stuff - still need to plant bulbs, and finish moving the pile of mulch in the driveway into the gardens, and generally clean up and put the gardens to bed. It hardly seems real because the weather has been so good this fall, but it is getting on time.

Tomatoes / sauces - It seems to be slowing down as the weather gets progressively cooler. The tomatoes aren't ripening as quickly, but there's still lots of them out on the vines.

Homemade apple sauce - simple and yummy! I've had a huge bag of apples slowly rotting in the fridge and not getting around to doing anything with them until this weekend. Peel, puree in the food processor, a little cinnamon, nutmeg, and just a tiny bit of sugar - heat for a few minutes and presto!

I need to go and see the doc about a blood pressure check. I'm having trouble losing the weight she prescribed, but then I'm having trouble exercising per se as well. You'd think a busy life would be enough, but apparently one needs to actually carve yet more time for focusing the exercise. Phooey, I say.