Thursday, March 23, 2006

Ahhhh-cho! *sniffle, snork, cough* etc.

Well, I managed to largely fight off that cold I thought I was getting over a week ago - until this tuesday. Then it crashed over me.

I've been doing a lot of sleeping, sneezing, snorting, sniffling and coughing. But I'm feeling marginally better today, thank you. :)

More pictures that I took the weekend before last... when the Canada Blooms show got me all excited about gardening again.

You've seen their tulips in the last post.... well, these are mine.

And this is a tiny little snowdrop flower that was hiding under the dead foliage of another plant.

We moved a lot of things to new spaces last fall. The wormwood looks happy...

The woad...

...and the weld both have abundant life waiting. Also recent transplants to a new space.

And the cherry tree seems content with it's new space as well.

I need to get lots more woad (are you crazy? it's a noxious weed) ...yes, lots more, for the garden this year. Apparently, it takes 24 first year plants to dye 4 ounces of wool.

More weld probably wouldn't hurt either, but it can wait. I can get yellow out of dozens of different plants.

Must get warmer... NOW. Must get healthier... NOW. Must plant stuff... NOW.



Sunday, March 19, 2006

Don't know what it is...

I don't know what's going on exactly, but it seems I've got some kind of weird blog block. Apparently, I'd rather move all the images around in my home directory, and fix all the links (by hand, individually) in the last year of blogs then write a new one.


Anyway... the weather is depressing. It's still too cold to work in the garden, and while the snow build-up melted a week ago, and got me all excited - it's snowed again since. *sigh*

Last weekend (the one before this) we were at CANADA BLOOMS and got a few pics.

Masses of tulips, forced early and alive only for the weekend at Canada Blooms.

Art, which while very pretty, I can't imagine ever wanting to put in my garden.

Jack in the Pulpit - I'm going to have to consider adding these... what a great shape to the bloom.

Trellis / arch / art by a friend of ours - Darrell Markewitz at Wareham Forge.

Here's a close-up...

And the obligatory tourist shot of Toronto - the CN tower. The Metro Toronto Convention Centre is right at the base of the tower.


Friday, March 10, 2006

it's friday!

And I'm getting sick!

It's just a cold, but it's just so damned inevitable it's funny.

Spring is starting to spring into being here - snow melting all over the place, geese appearing on campus, rain, temperatures rising, Karen getting a cold. All the traditional signs.


Ah well, there's something to be said for tradition.

And now I can start taking pictures of flowers again!

Here's a pic of last year's tulips, just to tide you over a bit.