Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Day 4 and 5, in Annapolis Royal

Yesterday we took the ferry from Saint John to Digby, a 3 hour cruise. It was a delightfully short drive from Digby to Annapolis Royal, after we stopped at the Visitor Information station and picked up a few million pamphlets.

Annapolis Royal is very pretty, very historical, and quite cheerful about gouging the tourists.

There's no phone line available, at all, in our little hideaway housekeeping unit, so blogging will be spotty for a few days, until we move on to the next leg of the trip. The town library has internet access, so we can check in from here.

I can only hope the cell phone works in case someone from home needs us. The remaining bits of Hurricane Katrine is hitting our home in south-western Ontario right about now.

I leave you for a few days in the care of a few more friends from the Aquarium two days ago.


A small Ray of some sort...

Crab (again of unknown variety)



Monday, August 29, 2005

Day 3, the end

Today was much much better! Driving-wise, that is. I'd have to say I found the sights just as fun as yesterday.

We crossed back into Canada around noon, and immediately around the corner in St. Stephens, we sat down to the quintessinal Canadian lunch - at a Tim Horton's. Just across the street from Tim's, there was The Chocolate Museum.

"Presenting the story of brothers James and Gilbert Ganong, whose candy-making company built in the late 1800s continues today, the Museum offers hands-on exhibits, interactive computer displays that explain how chocolate and candies are currently made, collections of historic chocolate boxes and antique candy-making equipment."

Samples were part of the tour. Delicious!

There was an obligatory Chocolatier store out front, of course. I didn't spend a cent. And if you believe that.... ;)

Then we moved on to St.Andrews where the Huntsman Marine Science Centre is located. We weren't allowed to take pictures at the Chocolate Museum but I got a few at the Science Centre.

The seals were delightful. Chelsey, Buddy and Aurora are a small family. When the tourist season ends in two days, the young Aurora will either be moved to another Aquarium or introduced to the wild.




Buddy was a ham, showing off his swimming abilities...

...and lunging for the food.

A few other folks made the pics as well, but as you can no doubt tell, Buddy stole the show. :)

morning of Day 3

Yes, it really is 7 something in the morning. You would think I'd sleep in on vacation. Neil is sleeping. But I found the bed too hard and the room too hot. I'm not rested, even if I did get 7 hours of sleep. Oh for that waterbed now....

Day 2 started off fantastic. We had all this great scenery in and around Lake Placid. Mountains and water - two of my favourite natural architectural features.

And then there was the ferry crossing at Port Kent - invigorating! I kept trying to hide behind Neil from the water crashing over the front of the ferry and he kept laughing at me. He was really in his element.

But then the drive just got longer and longer and longer, until we finally crashed - an hour earlier then planned. By the time we were checked in, I was too exhausted to blog.

I give you

This is a river of unknown name near Lake Placid - just chanced upon by the road.

Where we found this fellow...

A little further down the road, we came across Ausable Chasm...

...which was really quite deep.

And then a little while later....


...and Karen (who regrets what the wind has done to her hair but bravely posts the pic anyway)... the sights on the way over.

Today is a much shorter drive, and includes planned stops at a chocolate museum and aquarium - on the home side of the border. Back into Canada today. :)

Saturday, August 27, 2005

blogging on the road!

Oh, this is the life! Laptop and an internet connection in a hotel. I can blog on the road.

It was a long drive, but once we hit the USA, the scenery was so interesting. Both human and natural. We're going across Route 3 through the Adirondacks, to Maine, and across the Bay of Fundy to Annapolis Royal.

Route 3 is a fascinating contrast in poverty and wealth. Mobile homes that aren't so mobile anymore next door to century old houses. So many not-so mobile homes...

The speed limits are different, even after the conversation from miles/per to kilometres/per. The common limits are 30, 45, and 55 miles/per. This translates to 50, 70 and 90 k/per. In Canada, the common speed limits are 50, 60, and 80 k/per. Not that anyone drives the limit in either country 'though.

But driving over the limit in a familiar area is a little different then driving over the limit in a foreign country. I kept expecting a friendly State trooper to leap out from behind a bush somewhere.

And driving 90 k/per in these twisting mountain roads - fun! Even if it does take too much attention away from the scenery at times. Fudge, handwoven baskets, leather artisans and blacksmiths - oh my!

Yes, I did manage to get through the cat and dog departures even if Ginger did try her hardest to guilt me out when we left her at the Cat Hospital for boarding.

There's a pool at this place - an important feature in choosing a hotel - but we were too tired to use it. Just curled up in front of the tv and computer. Maybe in the morning.


Friday, August 26, 2005

last day!

Last day at work for two weeks! woohoo!

Anyone know how to delete specific comments (ie. the spam)?


Tuesday, August 23, 2005

more pre-vacation jitters

Apparently, I'm nesting - big time. Is it really that crazy to want to just stay home? With the doggie and the kitty and the garden?

I'm sure I'll enjoy myself on this vacation - I've left home before and done so! But I'm being a lug again. I woke up in the middle of the night to listen to the cat getting healthier all the time - scratching the carpet in the middle of the night. And then couldn't get back to sleep because I was worried about the dog's first time in a kennel when we go on vacation.

So eventually I did get back to sleep, only to wake up again with a dream of setting a friend's tent on fire. Now where did that come from?

Strangely enough, I'm having Post-MichFest withdrawal symptoms. The Michigan Womyns' Music Festival is where I used to go every August, back in the days when I was a lesbian. Pre-bisexuality and Hubby.
The festival's just finished and I'm haunting the discussion forum for stories and looking for pics online. It's a physical sensation - my memory of being there, even 'though it's now been 6 years or so since I was last there. I'm going to have to go back again some year.


Wednesday, August 17, 2005

vacation, vacation, vacation!

Okay, I think I've finally found some enthusiasm for the vacation. :)

My poor hubby desperately needs to get away for a bit, and he's got this goal for the trip and he's been doing all this research for it and I've been, like... a lug.

A lug stuck in the mud, even. A real homebody, that's me.

But today, the desk schedule for next week came out and I realized that I won't be on the one after that and it was a good thing! I was surprised to find out that I'm actually looking forward to this trip. Okay, maybe not the hours of driving. Or the strange beds every night, or the being away from my kids (Leif and Ginger), or the missing the harvest part.... but umm, the rest of it.

The not being at work part, the being with the hubby, the newness of things, the gadgets, the sights, the ocean. I'm really looking forward to the ocean.

We're bringing the laptop, the digital camera, and the cell phone. We'll be the most connected ever and I do love gadgets! I don't think I've ever experienced time away from the house as quite so convenient. Oh, I can blog from the road.

Speaking of gadgets.... We're going out to the east coast of Canada. I've never been there. But if you're watching this spot at just the right moment, you can actually watch us cross The Bridge. Some things are wyrd, no matter how much fun the technology might be.

But the darned tomatoes had better start ripening soon if I'm going to get to use them. Since I'll have to perserve a lot of them.... got any good salsa or bruchetta receipes laying around?


Saturday, August 13, 2005

a blog-inspired blog

I am feeling very much better at the moment. The back has gone from hellish to merely grumpy, and I've now had three solid nights of sleep - better even then I usually get!

I took today off as well - that doctor's note had better be useful! - so I've spent all week at home recovering from a very very bad back episode. But today, I actually got a few things done around the house.

I even baked bananna bread, but it didn't entirely work out.

I've been checking out new blogs and have found quite a few new reads that I'm excited about! Check out Counting Sheep, Piffle, Pocket Farm, The Farmette Report, mellowtrouble, and Riverrim blog.

Another new one that I added a little while ago is Anti-V who is actually a real-life friend who has, I think, a great perspective on the world around her.

Oh, and a happy belated birthday to my little brother! I've been a little busy being in pain this week to mention it earlier.


Wednesday, August 10, 2005

well now

Sure wouldn't wish the last 5 days on anyone else!

Accumulating and increasing back spasms and their accompanying friends - nausea and diarrhea, are just NOT FUN. Not fun at all.

I've now been 4 days off work, and flat on my back for most of it, popping pain pills with visits to both the chiropractor and the massage therapist. Whew.

I'm still not well, but at least now I'm starting to come out of that self-centered haze of pain and fatigue that debilitating pain can bring.

Maybe I'll even want to eat something today. So far - no interest, but at least no repulsion at the idea either.

Had to give up tickets to Great Big Sea tonight. I'm just not up to it. I'm not the biggest fan of the band, but I've been wanting to see the Fergus Scottish Festival, where they are playing ....ahh well.

Completely missed my assigned watering day this week, by virtue of being in a fog of pain and nausea. It's supposed to rain today, 'though so maybe nature will take care of itself before all the flowers and veggies die. I certainly don't have the energy to water by bucket today.

The good news is that we don't have to replace the septic tank this year. Repairs done should tide us over for another year or two. Maybe we can afford it then.

Okay, time to go back to lying flat on the couch feeling sorry for myself now....


Friday, August 5, 2005


I'm at home, taking a much needed rest/sick day - too bad I'll spend most of the day cleaning the messes that have accumulated.

But after another night of back spasms, and the see-saw recovery of the cat, and the possible replacement of the septic tank that we can't afford, and the looming "vacation" that I'm not sure I want to go on.... I'm stressed.

At least my jaw is holding so far. Good thing too, since the chiropractor is on vacation.



Monday, August 1, 2005

Long, full weekend

I'm getting somewhat tired of feeding Ginger through her tube, but she is getting better. She's drinking on her own, and holding down her food, for the most part. And there was even the tiniest bit of poop - woohoo! The things one gets excited about, eh?

Started working on the new deck, designed and implemented by the man himself - my very own hubby. Those are my toes. :)

I stained my new deck chair, and started on the deck pieces, but there's no pics. The chair was a first-date anniversary present. :)

On saturday, we went out for dinner and a movie, and ended up doing dinner and an hour or so of browsing in Chapters instead. I'd mentioned to Neil awhile ago that I had been wanting to spend some more time then our usual 'magazines and sci-fi' trips, browsing other sections carefully. And *sigh*, after a very thorough trip around the store.....all I ended up with was one magazine.

I want to find - on the shelves - books on herbs that include growing, harvesting and using them for natural dyeing, medicinal purposes, and the kitchen. I want to find books on spinning, dyeing, weaving that aren't all about the modern versions thereof, without a lot of technobabble. I want stories of why people do what they do in the fiber crafts. I want to find something new and thoughtful and intelligent in the pagan sections - right now, it all seems so cheesy and cheap. And I want to find books whose information I can trust. Especially about health issues - I support alternative medicines, in theory, but it's so understudied, and overwritten. Everyone and their grandmother with a theory that knows a publisher....

I can find many books online, even on the Chapters website, and I'm less resistant to online shopping then I used to be, but still.... I want to find them on the shelves! The damned stores are certainly big enough.

Feel free to make recommendations, by the way. :)

And of course, did more weeding and flower shots and watching season 3 of Babylon 5. We tried to finish the mulching project but the place where we've been getting the mulch decided to close for the holiday weekend.

Brown-eyed Susan. I prefer the brown eyes to the black eyes.

And two shots of the echineacha.

I think I'm out of words now. :)