Thursday, October 21, 2010

This post picks up where we last left off, but peters toward incomplete at the end of it. I think the whole 'bloggging about the fitness thing' isn't necessarily working.

I know we walked on Monday, but apparently I forgot to note how long it was and I've completely forgotten the route.

1.2 km.- Tuesday - Thoka, as always, totally annoying without Neil on the walk

2.7 km - Wednesday, I was feeling energetic and we went early in the evening, the weather was so fantastic.

1.9 km - Thursday, good walking for the humans, but Thoka was crazed and I had to hand him off mid-walk for the sake of my blood pressure.

1.2 km - Friday, both of us were incredibly tired. End of a long week and I actually brought work home. Thoka appears to agree, being asleep now.

Hmmmm.... seem to have lost the weekend. I think we both skipped saturday, and then on sunday, Neil skipped out on the flimsy excuse that giving a lecture and helping students make beads all day long was exhausting. I stayed home and entertained the dog all day, which is pretty exhausting in a way too but Thoka and I went for a walk in the evening too. I was afraid of losing my own habit. But we just did 1.2 km.

Have no idea what happened on monday, but on Tuesday, Thoka and I went to our first puppy obedience class. It is.... I don't know yet. I'm of mixed mind.

Wednesday night, Thoka and I walked 2.3 km. Neil joined us for the last 1.2 km. :)

Thursday - haven't the foggiest.

Friday - haven't the foggiest.

Saturday - Bogenschutzenfest! Thoka came with us - so many new smells, so many new people to con into believing that he's cute and adorable and needs to be petted.

Sunday - I stayed home and made pumpkin pie, and green tomato salsa. And did a lot of laundry. Thoka and Neil went to the Wareham Forge for the day to play with smelting like things.

Monday - Down to the parentals for turkey dinner! Brought the dog but had to leave him outside all day because my Dad is both allergic and asthmatic. It was a nice day, we could be outside much of the day with him.

Tuesday - Home sick, but had to take Thoka out for a walk before his hyperactivity killed me. 2.1 km. Puppy obedience class tonight - I don't know how I'm going to make it through that. I'm not at my best, and I'm ready to kill the damned dog after spending all day fending off his.... energetic.... approach to life.

Puppy obedience class that night was pure hell. He was such a frigging pain in the butt and I was so afraid of him peeing or pooping in the class (he did) that I couldn't focus at all on what the instructor was saying. I held it together til I was picking up Neil after his night class, and then bawled all the way home.  Spent the next two days avoiding the dog altogether.

Note to self: don't spend the whole day at home alone with the creature-from-hell just yet.


Okay now... a whole other week has gone by and I like the doggie again. There has been walking. I have neglected to keep track of it.

My sinuses have been somewhat unhappy for ....say... the last 8 weeks. Is it the month we spent in Newfoundland clearing our systems of Ontario's pollution? Is it an allergy to the dog? (I didn't have that much of a problem with Leif.) Is it the change of seasons? The furnace coming on? A cold?