Sunday, May 4, 2008

On the Road!

Or.... more correctly, in the air! We flew off to Iceland, on IcelandAir for a quick pit stop on the way to Scotland.

Vandy, my dear, you'll be happy to know that Neil has threatened me with having to write the postcards if I don't blog instead so.... here I am, at long last.

It's only been a day, really, since we went away, and I must admit, that I do miss my gardens.

But I digress. :) Back to Iceland.

The Northern Lights Inn is in the middle of no where ..... to the geothermal plant that brings up water from the Earth's core to power just about everything here in Iceland....

.......carrying away some of it's hot water in pipes......

....and throws it's leftover water into the nearby lava field ....

to create the Blue Lagoon.

We spent two hours here, just soaking in the hot tub temperature waters filled with healing (theoretically) mineral salts & Algae.

We also went for a walk around the lava fields in the evening (dig those long hours of sunlight in Iceland). I haven't the foggiest what this building is used for, but I liked the fall of my hair. :) It's near the hotel and the geothermal plant, but then there's very little else here except lava fields.

Max belongs to the Northern Lights Inn.

Our flight to Glasgow leaves Keflavak at 5:30pm, Iceland time. Iceland is four hours ahead of Ontario for those who want to know.

Off to lunch!

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