Friday, March 2, 2007

Waking Up :)

Well, it's been a month since I've had anything of any value to say. I guess it's time to wake up.

We've got another Snow Day here. And while there certainly is a lot of snow, it's the ice that has everyone worried. The short version is a big storm that mixed tons of snow with freezing rain and ice pellets came by to visit yesterday and we're all digging out.

Or in my case, waiting to be picked up...

There are literally dozens upon dozens of tree branches all over the yard. Problem is, that snow is crusted over with ankle-twisting ice.

Those potatoes from a previous post? Okay, these ones....?

Well, I planted them just two weeks ago, and gave them just the tiniest amount of water. I didn't really want them to grow, it's still ages before they can be planted outside.

But they didn't listen.

Two weeks ago...

Eventually, they got so big in those tiny little pots, that I had to switch them into those big containers in which one can buy kitty litter in bulk. When I moved them, they were already starting to get rootbound.

A week ago...

Again, I gave them very little water, but...

This one's from this morning.

They're literally growing an inch a day. Neil keeps saying that they should stop any time now and spread out some, that this is as high as potato plants get. But he's been saying that for days and it hasn't stopped them.

I've never grown potatoes before - any comments? Do I have a hope in hell of transplanting them safely in the spring at this point? Or should I just give up and see what happens in the buckets?

There's also been seed planting, but there's nothing to show for that yet.

And there was this Boat Burning thing....ya see, Dave (left) built this boat.

And Darrell added some "special sauce" because he didn't want to stand out in the cold for hours's tradition that we don't go back in 'til it's done.

And then, well.... we burned it.

It's a Viking thing.... DARC does Viking things.

And that's it, that's the past month.



Diana said...

Oh, that's just too funny! The potatoes, they never, never listen, do they? Me? Never grown potatoes (or carrots). They're in the 'cheap and easy to buy' category, so I just never bothered. I can't wait to see what happens to your buckets.

Anonymous said...

On the farm, we just tossed the potatoes into the ground and they grew just fine. I'm not so sure they take well to transplanting though. You can however, grow them in containers like stacked tires etc. I'd give 'em lots of light, a bit of food and some water. You might get lucky and have some lovely little new potatoes that will be incredibly easy to harvest..

cyndy said...

I agree with Nina...I've read about growing taters in containers, so it can be done!
When the potato plant sets flower, it is making little potatoes underground...hopefully by that time the bees will be awake!