Thursday, July 26, 2007

One Local Summer # 5

Homemade pizza!

Flour - from Oak Manor Farms (Tavistock - 28 km)
I used a mixture of hard unbleached, whole wheat, and a bit of rye flours. I like flavour.
Dry Yeast, salt and sunflower oil (not local)
water - from the shared well in town, the destruction of town to refit the pipes is documented in September 2006's blog entries.

I made up the dough in the bread machine on tuesday night, and used it wednesday night.

Toppings: goat mozzarella (darned, I've thrown out the wrapper already, but it was local), 2 year old cheddar (Millbank - 28 km), tomatoes, green peppers, mushrooms (all from Herrles - just down the road, mileage in a previous post - I've forgotten), paprika (not local), basil (from the garden), and oregano (from the garden).

I forgot to add garlic, but it was unbelievably tasty anyway. Can you believe it?


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cyndy said...

this pizza looks awesome Karen, and I just finished my supper ;-)