Saturday, August 11, 2007

One Local Summer #7

Local eating has been going on here, but picture taking and blogging about it have indeed fallen by the wayside.

On the bright side, we just had our new freezer delivered, and went out today to stock it from Well Fed Foods in Ayr. If you've never been to Well Fed Foods, I highly recommend it - all of the meat is local, the concept is simple, and the family that runs it is really friendly.

So... skipping OLS #6, and moving right on to OLS #7, I present.... a simple scrambled eggs.

Eggs - OK Egg Farm (just north of Elmira, 25.1 km)
Green pepper, mushrooms, leeks (Herrles Market - all produce is local)
Cherry tomatoes - from my garden
Oregano - from my garden
Basil and paprika - sadly, not local
Cheese - Bright's Cheeses (Bright, approx. 28 km)

Garden pictures - coming soon! I have some new flowers to show!



Ferdzy said...

Hi! I've stumbled across your blog a few times, between the gardening and the food. I'm going to add you to my sidebar because I love finding someone else doing local food blogging.

I was just at Well Fed Food recently myself... in fact, it's getting to be time to go back.

Liz said...

No local basil? Sounds like you've got to add some to that garden of yours. ;)

Karen said...

Hi Ferzdy, nice to meet you. :)

Liz, I've got basil growing in the garden, but it's been very disappointing this year - not enough to harvest yet!

Next year, I'm going to plant thrice as many plants!


The Rotten Correspondent said...

Visiting from diana's site (and drooling at the same time). I love the One Local Summer idea. Is this a collaborative thing?
And I love the book sitting by the food. Reading and eating at the same time. Aaahhh...

Karen said...

Hi there, Rotten Correspondent.

Yes, One Local Summer is a communal thing, sort of. It's a group blogger thing - Liz at Pocket Farm (in my links) started it last year, and it's grown so big this year, that it has it's own blog (also in the links).

The idea is that one commits to eating locally, just once a week, and blogging about preferably with pictures.

Liz and friends gather them all up and make a collective post one the One Local Summer blog, once a week.

It's a great way to learn about new foods to make, what's in season, how to find local food. Most of us are finding that now that we know how to find local food, we're eating it way more often then just once a week.

Official participation closed when the number of participants got too big for the volunteers to handle, but you can always participate informally by making a post on your blog, and putting a link to in a comment field on one of the One Local Summer posts.