Sunday, August 26, 2007

Good intentions, and OLS #9

Ya see, I had the best of intentions to get up more garden pics, and to tell you all about the incredibly boring life that I have, and to participate in One Local Summer #8 and all .... but it didn't happen.

Life has been very boring indeed, but very draining. I've almost literally been working, eating and sleeping. Most of the time falling asleep in front of the tv a few hours before bedtime. I'm not sure what has been so tiring - maybe it's the temperature and weather ricochting around the spectrum.

I have two OLS pictures that may now never be seen again by human eyes. The memory card on the camera has somehow gotten fucked up.

So I took a picture of the leftovers of one of those meals, and I'll call it OLS #9.


Ground Turkey (25 km), green pepper (from my garden - 0 km), basil (from the garden - 0 km), oregano (0 km), paprika (not local), onions (5 km), two slices of bread (5 km) - goat cheddar (22 km), 2 eggs (25 km).

The missing OLS #8 was a simple steak and potates - you can almost picture it, yes?

I won't make any promises about more blogging or pictures this time, but I will hope. We're planning a big expenditure of energy for next weekend (our labour day holiday weekend), so I must go and save up for it.


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