Friday, July 28, 2006


They've finally stopped playing with our street, but it won't be recovered in black top until October or therabouts because they have to finish digging up the rest of the town first.

There's a hole in the front yard where the new water cut-off valve is.

The snowball bush that was in the way has been run over twice. The theory is that it (why do I want to say 'she'?) will recover.

There's a very large swath of dirt where the engineer dug up the back yard to determine what kind of septic system he'd recommend.

That's only the beginning of course, because we still have to have someone trench from the house to the new water pipes and connect us, and actually have the septic system done (as opposed to just research and recommendation). So there's no real point in reseeding the lawn at this point. It'll just get dug up again in a month.

It started raining in the middle of the night and hasn't stopped yet.

And I had NOTHING to wear this morning.

Thank the many gods for Diana, who is also having a bad day. Shared misery and all...

More thanks to the Universe that it is friday, after all, and I can sleep in tomorrow.

And that my first beefsteak tomato came off the vine this morning. :)


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Diana said...

Nothing says "yeah" than a yard full of mire, eh? Can I be stomping mad at the thumping your snowball bush took? Sacrilage! They should all be flogged. Well, after they pave your street back again all nice and pretty. Then a good flogging is in order.

Glad my misery had company.