Thursday, July 20, 2006

This is our street on drugs.

In a manner of speaking, of course...

A few days ago, they dropped this big monster of a thing off in front of our house.

These are the pipes that will go in the hole the big monster will dig.

This is what the end of our driveway looked like when we came home tonight.

It dwarfs the house. Heck, it even dwarfs the motherwort.

*sigh* And this is only the beginning of it. We need to replace the septic tank this year too, and there's some .... co-ordination required.

I'm lucky 'though.... the hubby does project management for a living. He actually likes to sort out difficult details and schedule things. It's one of those personality quirks that I completely don't understand about him, and adore.



Diana said...

Now, if you were a 5 year-old, just think how excited you'd be for all of this to happen!

Anonymous said...

ah... so is access to your house restricted during the process?


Karen said...

V - We had to park across the street yesterday and walk in, but that was the first time all week. We may have to do that tonight as well.

Di - Oh, that reminds me! The day they dropped off the big machine, this little 3 year old and his daddy walked by. Well, Dad was walking and the son was riding a little tiny plastic version of the monster machine. The little boy's eyes were so huge - it was very very cute.