Saturday, July 1, 2006

Happy Canada Day!


Mother of Invention said...

Thanks! We're havin' a great one..bbq with friends and more visits tomorrow...glad I don't have to fight holiday cottage traffic! (See my blog on cottages beckoning..neat campfire pic there!)
Tell me, why do we (Canadians) get out our flags for the weekend, and then put them away for another year?!! CRazy..that just doesn't happen in the US. Are we not proud enough? I don't get it.

Karen said...

Mine's still up!

Mother of Invention said...

After I left this comment, I wrote a blog about this called,"One Day Pride". I praised Americans for always flagwaving everywhere and wished we did more of that. Please read it if you have a chance...all American comments and some pretty interesting! Would be nice to get a Cdn view!