Sunday, July 16, 2006

still more from the garden

Lavendar and feverfew. Well, one of the many plants that are apparently called feverfew. I wonder if this is the right variety used for brewing a strong tea that can help ease headaches.

Closeup of the flowering parts of Motherwort. It's a stunningly tall plant at close to 7 feet in height! It's been an absolute delight to watch grow this year.

One of the newest additions to the garden. I don't know about where you folks live, but in this area of Ontario, 99% of the daylilies are orange or yellow. Very overused. Neil wants to acquire every other colour just to be different.

On the Merely Annoying Front: the powers-that-be are digging up my street to lay new pipes for the formerly private well that serves 1/3rd of the this small town. It's a long story but it starts with another small community, criminal stupidity and government overreaction and ends with each of the affected households in town paying out a miserable amount of money to have the Regional government take over running the well.

*sigh* Almost as much fun is the neighbourhood's overreaction to the project at the last minute, and trying to stop it. But it's underway now, and surprisingly, all hell has not broken loose. Gosh.



cyndy said...

your garden is looking fabulous! Love the motherwort...(love all the worts!)

Diana said...

That motherwort is both cool and freaky. Hostas and daylilies are horribly overused here, (especially the yellow and orange ones).