Tuesday, August 8, 2006

Random Tuesday

First, we have our usual garden fare:

I think I need more then 2 cucumbers to start pickling. Perhaps next year, more cucumber plants.

But I've got more then enough echinacea, if I ever get off my butt and start to use herbs medicinally. But it won't be this year - I am way too busy.

One Local Summer, almost:
This morning, I was, quite unusually, ready before the hubby and staring at my tomatoes and wondering how to use them all this summer. The idea of a tomato sandwich appealed. So quick like a bunny, I threw together bread, fresh from Angie's Kitchen (just around the corner from me and sold at the farmer's market down the road) and tomatoes (from my own garden) with margarine and a wee tiny bit of salt.

It occurred to me while I was making it that this mostly fit the criteria for a local meal, but I got all fussy in the head and didn't go and take a picture of it. After all, the margarine and salt aren't local.

But having had no breakfast, and being completely without will power, I just ate it for morning break at work and it was.... wonderful! I'll have the bagel I bought for breakfast for a late lunch instead.

Tomorrow maybe, I won't be so fussy about qualifications and take a picture in the morning.

This weekend, a friend and I are off to the Michigan Womyns' Music Festival, aka MichFest, for short. I'm one part excited as all get out, one part nervous of the drive, one part wanting to stay home (I'm a Cancer, we're homebodies), and one part starting to get tense about not being properly packed yet.

Conflict is us: I'm also an Aries moon - cardinal fire, and cardinal water (Cancer). So much fun. Ya know, assuming I put much stock in astrology and all...

New Rovings:
Mmmm mmmm! My but Wellington Fibres does a good job. And very very decently priced as well! I just got the Shetland fleece that I picked up in June (check the archives, apparently I don't have individual post links set up) back from the Mill and the rovings are beautiful!

I got so excited by the price, even before seeing the results, that I took them all the other fleece in the house as well when I went to pick it up. One bag of mystery fleece, and several bags of Icelandic fleeces.

The question of the day is: should I take the new rovings and a drop spindle to the Festival, or not? My decade old memory of the Festival says that would put me firmly in the 'wyrd' category. That is, despite the stilts, prom dresses, sarongs, and various leather accroutements that are all pretty normal festigear...



Diana said...

Have a wonderful time! Can't wait to hear of your travels.

Now I want a perfect tomato sandwich. Sigh.

cyndy said...

I vote "yes", by all means...take the rovings and the spindle! (you might even want to take another one of those tomato sam's too)...