Friday, August 18, 2006

placeholder post

Hi all,

Here's a few images from last week to hold the place of a post while I sort out the trip to Michfest in my mind.

Lily of some sort...

Sunflower, planted late in the year and just getting started. I hope it's big and tall next year.

White coneflower.

Brown eyed susans and false sunflowers, mixed.

It's a liatrus of some sort.

Clearly, there's a theme here with regard to my style of gardening. While I try to remember to plant the tags next to the plants so I can remember what they are, that doesn't always happen. And I have a brain like a sieve with regards to remembering plant names all by myself.

My backup brain (aka the hubby) says "it's your garden" when he doesn't remember either.

Clearly, I'm not gardening for details.


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cyndy said...

Who needs details when you have beauty like that?! Never thought I would say it, but I am beginning to like the WHITE coneflower! (I try not to plant white flowers, what with looking at all that white snow all winter long...)