Wednesday, August 17, 2005

vacation, vacation, vacation!

Okay, I think I've finally found some enthusiasm for the vacation. :)

My poor hubby desperately needs to get away for a bit, and he's got this goal for the trip and he's been doing all this research for it and I've been, like... a lug.

A lug stuck in the mud, even. A real homebody, that's me.

But today, the desk schedule for next week came out and I realized that I won't be on the one after that and it was a good thing! I was surprised to find out that I'm actually looking forward to this trip. Okay, maybe not the hours of driving. Or the strange beds every night, or the being away from my kids (Leif and Ginger), or the missing the harvest part.... but umm, the rest of it.

The not being at work part, the being with the hubby, the newness of things, the gadgets, the sights, the ocean. I'm really looking forward to the ocean.

We're bringing the laptop, the digital camera, and the cell phone. We'll be the most connected ever and I do love gadgets! I don't think I've ever experienced time away from the house as quite so convenient. Oh, I can blog from the road.

Speaking of gadgets.... We're going out to the east coast of Canada. I've never been there. But if you're watching this spot at just the right moment, you can actually watch us cross The Bridge. Some things are wyrd, no matter how much fun the technology might be.

But the darned tomatoes had better start ripening soon if I'm going to get to use them. Since I'll have to perserve a lot of them.... got any good salsa or bruchetta receipes laying around?



Liz said...

Hope you have a great vacation. We went to PEI years ago, and I loved the Canadian ocean/cliff thing. (Not sure if that's where you're headed, but..)
Hang in there with the took me a good while to not be lumpy anymore. :) Maybe your yarn isn't as lumpy as you think!

Jamie said...

I do have an excellent salsa recipe, and it's very simple. It relies on charred jalapenos for its depth of flavor. Drop me an e-mail at ten_signs at hotmail dot com and I'll type it out for you.

(If you happen to have "So Easy To Preserve," it's from there.)