Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Day 4 and 5, in Annapolis Royal

Yesterday we took the ferry from Saint John to Digby, a 3 hour cruise. It was a delightfully short drive from Digby to Annapolis Royal, after we stopped at the Visitor Information station and picked up a few million pamphlets.

Annapolis Royal is very pretty, very historical, and quite cheerful about gouging the tourists.

There's no phone line available, at all, in our little hideaway housekeeping unit, so blogging will be spotty for a few days, until we move on to the next leg of the trip. The town library has internet access, so we can check in from here.

I can only hope the cell phone works in case someone from home needs us. The remaining bits of Hurricane Katrine is hitting our home in south-western Ontario right about now.

I leave you for a few days in the care of a few more friends from the Aquarium two days ago.


A small Ray of some sort...

Crab (again of unknown variety)




Anonymous said...

love the starfishy thing and the little smiley ray-guy.
Weather seems to have zoomed through Ontario with fairly little effect. Now we just need it to swerve north a bit, and keep the smelt a bit dry....


Liz said...

Karen, Next time leave your email so I can write back to you. :)

This article might help explain why as the oceans waters warm, it will fuel stronger hurricanes.