Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Thoka helping out in the garden, more exercise

This is our first weekend with Thoka when we first discovered his 'talent' in the garden. Took a bit to convert the file. It's a bit grainy, but still funny.

Here you go...

Thoka Video

Walking on tuesday night was just 1.2 km, but Thoka was much better behaved tonight.

Had lots of sushi for lunch today - went with friends. :)


It's wednesday and I'm looking back.... it's only been a week since I started this walking everyday and tracking it thing? It feels so much longer.

Well, I guess that's why I'm tracking it.


Tomorrow, Thoka will have been with us for 3 weeks. That makes him 11 weeks old. He's gained 4 pounds (I have never managed to convert to metric in measuring my weight), and 3 inches in height. He's gonna be a big doggie.


Vandy asked me if my camera was broken. Apparently I'm not posting enough pictures of the doggie recently. I will endeavor to correct that oversight. :)


Did 40 flights of stairs today. Up and down.

Where 'flight' is defined as 'all in one direction, two flights per floor'. 10 floors, twice up and twice down. Took about 15 minutes. Definite increase in heart rate.

Was able to report to facilities that the air quality on 5, 6, and 7 is seriously diminished. Turns out they knew already but still.... I should get a gold star for attentiveness or something. It's not an everyday occurence.

Both the attentiveness and the air quality problem, that is. :)


Aren't you glad I don't have a Twitter account? At least this is one long post of seriously disjointed thoughts posted all at once and not millions of discontinuous thoughts throughout the day.


1.9 km tonight.


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