Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Day 2: fitness reporting

I'm just arbitarily gonna call it Day 2 of fitness reporting. This isn't by way of promising that I'll blog every day like the esteemed Grondzilla, but I need to track the fitness thing somehow.

For breakfast, I had the Tim Hortons' breakfast sandwich - bacon and egg on an english muffin. Their nutrional information calculator kindly informs me that the sodium content is 710mg, with 3g of sugar. Yes, sugar is bad now too. :(

I had sushi for lunch - while not the exact version of what I had, a similiar package is nutritionally calculated at 860mg of sodium and 12g of sugar.

I then walked around the campus Ring Road (sort of, I elongated it in places). This really neat newly discovered gadget calculates my walk at approximately 3.13 km.

Highlights from that walk were the skinny little size 0 passing me when I'm at my briskest pace! and noticing that Concrete Blonde makes really good walking music.

Supper tonight was two very fresh pieces of corn on the cob and we won't even talk about the butter and salt that is necessary to it's enjoyment, and a homemade mini pizza (bruscetta and cheese on a pita).

And tonight's walk with Neil and Thoka was approximately 1.9 km.

I hear that if you can get through the first 14 days of any new habit, it's supposed to have a better chance of sticking. Wish me luck, send me kudos!


Grondzilla said...

Best of luck...just put your head down and go.

Kudos are in the mail.

Fitness Freak said...

All the best, Very good that you are following strict & healthy food habits, Keep posting on your fitness.