Saturday, September 18, 2010

Fitness again, and Thoka

Short walk Thursday night, just 1.1 km.

It was just me again, and the weather was lousy. That is, I was the only human. Thoka the pup was along for the ride as well. He's a real pain when Neil is not on the walk with us. Thoka wanders all over and seems to prefer 'sideways' and 'backwards' to 'straight ahead'.  Yeah, I know, I'm never gonna end up in a sideways pocket of the universe this way.

But I'm really looking forward to puppy obedience classes in October so I can get some training in dominance behaviours.


2.5 km on friday night. Pretty much the longest route we can do in this small town, without repeating some part of the loop. Neil was with us tonight and Thoka was much happier.


1.01 km on saturday, but we did some work in the backyard, and to be fair, it was quasi-raining. Neil had his usual weather luck in that it opened up into a much heavier rain just as we arrived back at our own front door.
Thoka was all tuckered out after the time out working in the backyard -  His persistence in digging is ... quite remarkable.

I'm finding that I'm feeling better after a walk. I still resent the time it takes, know that this small town will bore the crap out of me soon enough, and I won't be quite so eager in the oncoming Canadian cold weather...... but I like the feeling of the lungs getting some sort of workout.

And as I gaze at my napping puppy..... I know that "a tired puppy is a good puppy".


vandy said...

What about walking north? There's far more rural and trees and such that way...

Karen said...

The first concession north is 1.4 km away - that's not bad as a turn around point. But Notre Dame seems to be rather busy in the evening and Thoka is still a little afraid of the traffic.

Now, if I was going to go around the 'block' at that crossroad ---- that turns out to be a hefty 10.4 km. I may work my way up to it, but not yet. :)

Now, we've thought about going over to Petersberg and back.... also on Notre Dame and hence, kinda busy for a timid dog. But it's sort of midway in length at 6.2 km. By the time I'm ready for 6.2 km, he'll probably be over his timidity.