Monday, October 23, 2006

Irregular Programming

With apologies, we briefly interrupt to bring you this important, and deeply heartfelt message:

(and don't be tricky and replace it with snow instead)

We now return you to your regularily scheduled programming.


I'm okay with seasonal change. Really I am. But there are things to do in the yard that must be done before the darned Canadian landscape gets buried for the next few months. I'm running out of time and the weather just isn't co-operating.

The ground needs to dry out considerably for us to be able to finish making the yard flat enough to seed, if we don't want a yard full of ankle-twisting holes and divits.

I'm depressed every time I look out the back door.


Oh well, if it won't stop raining, then maybe snow isn't so bad an alternative. Let's cover up the damned eyesore with a quiet blanket of white stuff and I can just bury my head for the winter and deal with it in the spring.



Nina said...

Stop with the 4 letter words that start with "s" already... Too early for that and it would mean colder than it is now. Maybe a thick blanket of leaves will blow over the yard and hide the dug up bits.

Mother of Invention said...

It's kinda been like November lately and yes, this pattern of precip. is too disconcerting when it might just continue into snow in just a few short weeks. I think Envir. Canada said not as cold this winter but lots of snow.
Brace youself!