Sunday, October 29, 2006

Crazy day(s)

Let's see now....

Thursday - I cleared my schedule and took the day off to finish some of the chores around the yard. It was supposed to be the last of three days without rain. Not really long enough to make a huge difference, but something to grab at while it lasted.

We had a load of topsoil dumped into the hole in the front yard and I started spreading it around. Got that half done by the time the hubby came home, and he almost finished it.

I moved some of the gravel from the big pile where it got dumped into some of the places it's supposed to end up.

I got all the herbs clipped back and added some more mulch in some areas. It's getting increasing difficult to see where the thin spots are because of the leaves falling all over everything.

Friday - Rain. Lots of rain.

Saturday - Little bit of rain. Took a trailer full of yard waster to the dump. Unable to lift (between the two of us) the second laundry T bar that came out of the yard when they put the septic in, because it has a large block of cement attached to it. Also a large concrete block from the old patio that got dislodged in the septic replacement process.

Today - oh my. It was supposed to be simple. The final little bit of leveling out of the front yard. You would think the Gods didn't want us out there. We literally had a snow storm drop out of nowhere while we worked. We finally let it chase us back in the house.


Ya know, there was a point this summer where I looked around at the yard and gardens and thought "it's all good, my garden doesn't need me anymore" and felt a little bereft.

I don't think that's true anymore. And the spring is going to be a busy one. Let me go away and make a list of chores...



Diana said...

Ah, your garden will always need you. It just may deny it for short periods of time.

Mother of Invention said...

Wasn't that snow flurry junk wild?!! And today, Indian Summer, albeit a cooler than usual one. Kids were out at recess without coats!!