Monday, October 16, 2006

Fence and Flower, Berries and Bush

We got the fence back up.

Still need to do:
Flatten the lumpy mud that is the back yard and seed it. It's been too wet for the last two weeks.
Add more dirt to the front yard and seed it.
Plant some bulbs.
Cut up the pear tree we killed (because it was falling over, being unstably rooted).
Move the woodpile.
Spread the gravel over the will-be-a-patio-someday area.
Spread the gravel over the shed side drive area.
Clip the herbs back for the winter.
Re-establish, and possibly expand, the firepit.

*sigh* When it stops raining long enough to do the work.

Berries on the madder plants. I'm waiting for the plants to be in their 3rd or 4th year to use the roots for dying.

This delphinium flower has established itself rather well. We planted it just last weekend and it seems very happy.

And this is the elderberry bush, with it's leaves turning red. Now, this thing - I'm not sure it's happy. I didn't see any berries on it this year.



Anonymous said...

I enjoy reading your blog. Your madder plants look very good.

A little something on elderberry.
- full sun
- rich, moist soil

Takes pruning well

Remember that some elderberry may need a different elderberry plant for cross pollination.

cyndy said...

Maybe your elder is to young? (heh heh) seriously...did it flower? I have a younger bush that didn't flower yet, but I don't know how old they have to be before they do.

spindriftdancer said...

Another thought occurs about your elderberry... do there need to be two bushes to cross-polinate?

Mother of Invention said...

WE face south and we still have lots of colour in our plants. We just fed them for probably the last time. One year we fed them the first week of Dec. just as we put up the wreath!!! We live next door to a flower shop and have to keep up with them...right now we're way ahead in colour! Only plants we've lost are impatiens and begonias.

Anonymous said...

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