Tuesday, September 20, 2005

who wants pie?

Well, I made a pie. For the first time ever, from scratch. Apple. It's a little dry. Not enough sugar.

But the making pastry, and rolling out therof, proved to be not hard at all.

So overall, I believe I can learn to make good pie, with a little practice.

Picked out a few dozen photos from all that is online, to be printed. I still like physical albums and the hubby needs something to put up on his office walls.

Didn't get the porch stained 'though.


There's snow in the air on the West Wing rerun that I'm watching, and a chill in the air. I'm thinking of Christmas. But I suppose that I shouldn't get ahead of myself - there's still Thanksgiving, Octoberfest, the hubby's birthday and Halloween first.

Will have to put the garden to bed sometime in the next month. Watch for a wrap-up soon, and plans for next year.

Does anyone else feel pensive at this time of year?



Jamie said...

In answer to your final question: Always.

But pie does wonders to offset it. :-)

anti-v said...

What sort of apples did you use? There are a million varieties and they all have different properties. That can make a huge difference too.
anti-v (always depressed as summer ends)

Karen said...

What kind of apples?

Ummm... red ones. I didn't look at the name on the bin at the farmer's market. Probably Macintoshs - being the single most common in Ontario.

Oh well, Neil seems to like it. He's eating it faster then I am.

I'm going to do another one soon - maybe even tonight. More sugar, and peel the apples, and put a real top on it instead of the dutch apple crumbly thing. I think the oatmeal in the dutch apple crumbly soaked up a lot of the moisture as well.


farmgirl said...

Hi Karen,
I just popped over from the nice comment you left on my blog, Farmgirl Fare. Looking forward to you joining us for Weekend Cat Blogging (and there's now a Weekend Dog Blogging event, too--just put my pic for this week). Thanks for putting me on your links list. And, most important, congratulations on baking your very first pie from scratch! They only get better. Mmmmm, pie! : )

&& i loved u all along said...

hey! sup wb. wat does pensive mean??!!!

&& i loved u all along said...

r you american??