Sunday, September 11, 2005

vacation's over

I went back to work today. *sigh* It had to happen.

Classes start today. All of the new kids are so damn Young. Thin. They don't even know what a vinyl album is. *sigh*

But at least I have some new clothes. Really, it's almost like I was going back to school myself. :) It's a hard feeling to lose, even in adulthood, when one works for a University.

Now, the weekend that was:

- Cut the lawn and trimmed the edges.
- Pulled weeds and deadheaded flowers.
- Watered the back garden. The front garden's a pain since the hose out there is broken. I dislike lugging buckets out.
- Picked tomatoes and green peppers and pears. Surprisingly the tomatoes did not all ripen and fall off while I was gone.
- Threw the ball for the doggie a few million times.
- Cleaned up the living room bookcases. Had to make more room for the fiber and fiber books.
- Started a quilting project. I've never actually quilted before. I'm just guessing on the how-to of it, based on observations made.
- Worked on but haven't finished the baby-blanket-in-progess yet. It's for a friend, don't get excited.

The pictures will likely be fewer for awhile. I'm all pic'd out for a bit. And dig how badly IE handled the panoramic shots. Try Firefox instead. It's what I use at home, but the workplace is too paranoid or Bought to use it.



Anonymous said...

Hmmmm....more useless comments? I do notice that all of a sudden Blogspot is offering varying "comment controls". What a pain, eh?
So, is the front HOSE broken? Or the front tap? One is very easy to deal with....

Anonymous said...

me again. I just scrolled down to the last blog, and hey! the panoramas are there. I can't remember if I did or did not see them the first time. Did you change something? I use IE, and *I* didn't do anything different from my end...


Karen said...

The panoramas are still there, but IE seems to have shifted the middle column hard to the left to accomadate and stuck the contents of the third column down at the bottom of the page.

Firefox leaves the middle column as is, and overlaps the panoramic through the third column, which stays in place.

The front hose - Neil V'd the connection on the side of the house and it's leaking like a sieve at the connection. It just needs some fancy tape at the connection point.

The part that V's off to the back yard is just fine.

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