Sunday, September 25, 2005

gardens and pies, oh my!

The most recent picture of my newest garden space - one of three new spaces that I made this spring. And the single most full sun garden possible in my yard, since it is full of large old trees. As you can see, the impatients have had a huge visual impact.

This is what the same space looked like much much earlier in the year. You can tell then that are actually other plants in the garden!

Wormwood, golden marguerite, woad, weld, lemon thyme, skullcap, st.john's wort, feverfew, rosemary, lemon balm, pennyroyal, dyer's broom and alkanet are the other plants - all herbs. Some are dye plants, some are medicinal.

The home store of Richter's Herbs isn't that far away from me. While they largely focus on selling seeds online, the store also has baby plants. I have not had good luck with seeds, but baby plants are awesome starters!

As wonderful as the garden looks this year, I want to make major changes (again!) next year. This is also the garden that is closest to the back door of the house. It isn't making sense to me to put dye plants and medicinals that close to the house, when they aren't used as often as the vegetables. So my thought for next year is to move some of those out, and the tomatoes and green peppers in. Right now, the tomato and green peppers are the furthest out from the house.

But I'll be posting a more comprehensive garden assessment in a few days.


I made more pies yesterday. This time I took pics. :) This time my major problem is that they were -too- moist. I had to pore off excess moisture. I'm sure I'll get the hang of it soon enough. I'll just have to keep practising - oh gosh, the torture of it. ;)

Both are apple pies - one has a pastry string top, and the other an attempt at the dutch apple crumble top. I say "an attempt" because I don't really have a recipe around for it. I just went on instinct - oats, brown sugar, cinnamin, nutmeg, and a little margarine to make it stick together.

Please feel free to give me pointers on both pies and gardens. :)



Jamie said...

Were they too moist while still warm, or too moist after the obligatory 6 hours of cooling? I wonder if they might have firmed up, given more time.

They look lovely!

Jamie said...

P.S. Did you use margarine because of a dietary restriction? I usually go with butter because of the superior flavor, but I have been known to make a pie with margarine for a friend who keeps kosher.

Aren't pies fun??? :-)

Karen said...

6 hours? You're joshing me... Like I could wait longer then 1 before digging in. :)

Too moist while still warm would clearly be the answer then.

I just used margarine because it was around. Does butter make any other difference besides taste?

Alda said...

I'm afraid I can't give you pointers on either, but both look lovely. Especially the pies (yum!).

Odette said...

When making your pie, toss the apple bits with the sugar, spices and 2 tablespoons of cornstarch before adding the apples to the pie shell. The juices will then thicken nicely and you can eat the pie warm without it running all over the place.

spindriftdancer said...

Or, you could just get a straw(: