Friday, September 16, 2005

it's the weekend!


I've never had a longer week at work. Coming back from vacation is the hardest thing.
All that freedom to do what you want, more or less whenever you want, only to return the structured days of working for someone else.

All week I've been craving the chance to make a pie. From scratch, like my Mom used to do. I should mention that at 40, I've only been discovering the domestic arts recently. Two years ago, I made my first turkey. And for both sides of the family, no less. If I was ever going to fail at domesticity, that would have been the day. But I didn't. The turkey timed out well with the other foods, and no one died of my cooking, or even got the slightest bit sick.

I could buy a pie - there is a farmer's market just down the road. But I want to learn how to do it myself. Get my hands messy with dough. The whole bit.

Maybe I'll finally have time this weekend.

How do y'all - the other blog types who've rediscovered the domestic arts - in spinning, weaving, cooking, etc. - how you do find the time?



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Diana said...

For me, it was out of necessity, when we moved to a small Illinois town 5 years ago. We had gotten used to good food, living in Portland, OR. Here, if you want such, you need to drive a couple of hours, to Chicago, Milwaukee, or Madison. Not going to work on a "pick up dinner on the way home". So, I dusted off my childhood cooking exposure from mom and grandmas, discovered my chemistry minor was of use, and now can call myself a fair (not good) cook. At 40. I don't cook every night (get home 6-7pm) but on the weekends and days I don't work. Freezer has leftovers, of course.

jo said...

It's all about planning. Shopping in advance, stocking a good larder, having a rotating crop of recipes you like.
As for squeezing in everything else it all depends on how much you love to do it. If you love it, you make time.