Monday, August 23, 2010

Look Ma, I'm weaving!

I had this apparently optimistic plan to sew the heddles in two days and weave for the next 7 days.

It took 5 days to knit the heddles and do a little more clean-up/prep work, and I was finally weaving on the 6th day. I've got a day and a half left.

But I'm weaving! I'm finally weaving!

Oh and by the by..........I got screeched in tonight. :)


vandy said...

I'm not sure that a miniature of Screech, and no cod, really counts!

Leslie's stuff said...

You forgot the best part you are weaving at L'anse aux Meadows. love the picture

Craftygrrrl said...

How did you knit the heddles? Any chance of getting a video of you weaving on the loom? Have a bunch more questions about the mechanics of weaving on that loom like what's the max warp length and would you suggest doing yoga to help limber you up for the stretching involved? ;) Look forward to reading about the rest of your time at L'Ance au Meadows.

Karen said...

Vandy - next time I promise I'll do it correctly.

Leslie - yeah :)

Craftygrrrl - the heddles are basically a series of half knots anchoring loops that alternate between being a heddle and anchoring the whole thing on the heddle bar.
Video can be done in the future but we've left LAM now without thinking of it. I will probably be teaching a class on the WWLoom at Forward Into the Past next spring 'though. You could learn in person. :)
Max warp - I'm not sure there needs to be a maximum.
Stretching - :) well, the loom is too big for me. I was standing on a box and still stretching uncomfortably. I'll be trimming it down a bit at home.