Monday, January 15, 2007

Snow Day!

Or more accurately.... Freezing Rain and Paranoid School Board Day!

First hint...let the dog in after his morning pee, and note the sound of ice pellets hitting the tiny bit of snow we gathered over the weekend.

Think hopefully, while thoroughly expecting to be crushed...."hmmm, I wonder if?"

Check the local radio station's website (because actually listening to this station on the radio is painful) for news and announcements.....

It's closed! I'm free! No school for me today!

(accompanied by gleeful bouncing)

I'm 41 - you probably think I'd have left gleeful bouncing behind me? But why bother? :)

Janet was really happy that I called her to let her know - she hadn't been checking the weather report, and couldn't see it from her 8th story apartment in the city. I don't think she bounced exactly, but she did sound pretty darn gleeful.

They don't pay us enough for workplace loyalty.

I did try to be suitably sad for my husband as he scrapped off the car and went into his workplace, all alone.

But it didn't work, really. :)


Diana said...

We might have been closed, too, except it was a national holiday, so all but me were secure in their knowledge of no school and pretty snow.

Nina said...

I spent 1hour 40 minutes scraping the darned van and then had to get one of my sons to finish the last 1/3 of the windshield. It took him 30 minutes. My arms and shoulders were so tired and that's the middle part of the window that is hard to reach. I ended up with a major cold for all my efforts as well..
Happy snow day though. On the farm, on a dirt road, freezing rain was definately a day you didn't go out until at least a grader had scraped.