Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Garden Stuff, Yarn Harlot

The potatoes that we bought at the market just before it closed for the season have started to sprout. I need to get them in pots, with dirt, and hibernating in a cold dark place.

I need to not plant these seeds too soon - like right now, when there's still too many weeks left before they can be moved outdoors.

Last night, I attended a meeting of the KW Knitters' Guild. These are my friend Linday's hands, happily knitting away on her latest project. It was a little too dark for the speed at which her hands were moving so the picture is a little blurry.

The big draw that got me out to the meeting, was this lady. The Yarn Harlot - or Stephanie Pearl-McGee.

Here she's taking a picture of her latest sock project meeting the audience.

Now.....I'm not a knitter. *gasp*

But I do spin (dim and archaic!), weave, naalbind, and crochet. I'm also a natural dyer, and growing natural dyes like weld, woad, dyers' broom, alkanet and madder in my garden. I'm a bit of a gardening nut.

It's not that I don't know how to knit, I just prefer to give my energy to other string crafts. I know, I know.... it's some kind of evil.

The Yarn Harlot is a very very funny lady. If I ever ran into her in a bar, I'd buy her a beer and get out of her hair so she can keep on knitting in peace. I imagine the groupie factor must be annoying sometimes.

I'm saving my geeky groupie side for someone else.


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Diana said...

I still think it's terribly funny that the missing piece to you doing absolutely everything to and with the fibers is that you don't knit, which is the most popular thing of all.

It may be why I like you so.

I've never done potatoes. Can't wait to see you deal with yours.