Friday, May 19, 2006

Okay, so what now?

I've been having a difficult couple of months with the sinuses, and I'm at the maintenance level of the allergy shots. Things are supposed to get better when you get to the maintenance level, not worse.

Cats and dogs, btw. And as you know, I have one of each.

So... I went back to the allergist recently to be retested. I thought perhaps after a few years of a growing gardening hobby, that I might be becoming seasonally allergic.

The results?

Nadda. Not a damn thing. Not even the cat and dog allergy that I'd previously been diagnosed with.

So...I guess that's a good thing. That the previous allergies are dying back. That I haven't developed new ones.

But I gotta ask (and I did, believe me) - what the heck is with my sinuses then?

Tests to follow.

The allergist thinks it's anatomical - effectively a deviated septum. I think I've got a sinus infection. A coworker thinks my voice sometimes sounds like I have asthma.

If it's a sinus infection, I'm never ever going to trust my GP again. I've brought it up in the past, and she asked me a few diagnostic questions. Apparently, I didn't give the right answers so she blew it off as an idea. Without any tests, or even physical examination.

Funny thing is... I had to stop taking antihistamines a week before the retest, and ...I've been feeling better without them. Strange, huh?

Anyway, in the garden today we have - alpine brain coral. Not it's real name, I don't even remember it's real name except that it's an alpine something.

Drawf Irises

Japanese Quince

And because I still completely adore this flower, another view of the pink and white tulip. :)


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Holly said...

Oh my gosh, I totally feel your pain. You could be talking about me. I'm so miserable right now...ugh. They just did a CT and x-ray of my sinuses and can only find a little scar tissue thickening so I'm back to square one. Sending you my very best wishes for a "feel better" day!