Friday, May 5, 2006

F is for....

Fritillaria Imperialis, "Aurora"

And close up...


This is the little garden between the fence and the sidewalk. I call it the Fenceline Garden. We have 7 different garden 'areas' - the Front Garden, the Fenceline Garden, the (former) Veggie Garden, the Triangle Garden, the Round Garden, the Tree Nursery Garden and the Back Fence Garden.

From the firepit, with my back to the green shed, out to the front fenceline. This garden area is new as of last year. I got tired of mowing in circles around the fruit and wedding trees and the grass next to the fence on the right was in terrible condition, being in shade for most of the day. So we added a HUGE amount of newspaper and mulch. By the time the newspaper breaks down, the grass and weeds underneath are largely dead, and the area becomes prime garden space.

And finally.... the Front Garden.

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