Thursday, January 5, 2006

Happy New Year! (belated)

Bathroom: It's still Pink. But I'm not doing it again any time soon. So I don't understand colour.... who will really notice?

Actually, I quite like the accent wall(s) we did in a deep rich colour called "mission wildflower". I splurged .. it's from the Ralph Lauren line of paints.

But the other walls, and ceiling that I did in a lighter colour.... I'm not at all sure about. I think I was imagining a sort of off-white with just a hint of pink, and instead got 'girly-girl' pink. I am most definitely not a 'girly-girl'. I think the hubby is a little disconcerted by the colour and is being very polite about it.

Well okay... centipides can turn me into a girly-girl for a few seconds, but really... just then. Freaky little fast and squiggly things ... they remind me of snakes. Snakes would probably turn me into a girly-girl real fast as well but fortunately, I've yet to encounter one unexpectedly. Just in zoos and on tv.

Have got a new book on the go, and I'm somewhat absorbed. "To Light a Candle" by Mercedes Lackey, in case anyone is wondering.



Diana said...

Especially those "hairy centipedes" we sometimes encounter in dingy basements. Those suckers are huge and freaky!

Karen said...

Hmmph. My hubby just raised his eyebrows when he read the post and said that there were more times then those that I was a girly-girl but he wouldn't give me examples. Gotta luv smart-asses. :)

I gotta admit, Diana, that I've never spent enough time looking at a centipede to tell whether they're the hairy ones or not. They're all freaky!