Monday, January 30, 2006

Gardening! In January! In Canada!

No snow on the ground today, and the weather is a pleasant 5°C. It's almost like a late fall day.

Neil got out the pruning shears and finished the 'prune the pear trees' job that's been on the white board since the fall, accidentally overlooked when it started snowing.

I picked up downed branches from the maple that's dying, and of course, the pruned branches. That much less to pick up in the spring proper, when it comes. And of course, I had to throw the ball for the puppy. :)

It was almost like gardening! This is very very strange weather for southwestern Ontario in January.



Diana said...

You too? I've been clearing out the dead foliage from the beds and we passed a farmer out with a tractor driving in to work this morning.

A blog friend in Portugal got snow for the first time.

Freaky upside down weather.

Jamie said...

Everyone's been having strange weather. Here in Georgia we've hardly had anything that could be called "winter" at all. And our standards for that are extremely slack. ;-)

Isn't it wonderful to get outside? And I admire you for getting that pruning done. Mine's overdue, even though we have cushy weather.