Wednesday, January 11, 2006


I don't suppose that there's anyone else out there that uses a warp-weighted loom to weave, eh?

Well on the off chance that you're reading this, and do weave on a warp-weighted loom, and you've tried to do a 2/2 twill on it, will you please contact me? I'm considering tossing the whole project into the nearest active firepit that I can find.

Except that I'm a tad stubborn and I know if I give up, it'll be a long long time before I ever try a 2/2 twill again. Or any twill.

And then the hubby would never get the blue cloak he needs to go off and kill someone. (It's a Viking Era thing - don't worry)

Sticky wool. Painfully narrow sheds (which I think is because of how I tied the weights to the warp, but no other configuration makes sense). A gore that just shouldn't be there - there's no logical reason for it.

And the bathroom is still unnaturally pink.

But at least I've finally finished the book. And I only have to wait another year and a half or so for the third volume in the series. I'm sure I'll find another one of some sort to occupy me in the meantime.

Like the newest North European Symposium on Archeological Textiles that is waiting for me in the InterLibrary Loans Office.

Or the Richter's herb catalogue.

Or any one of a million others in the ILL universe...

For the non warp-weighted loonies out there.... what's on your bookshelf these days?


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Diana said...

Working on Louis De Bernieres book "The Troubling Offspring of Cardinal Guzman", 3rd in a series of extremely dark comedies set in an un-named South American country. The first two books are "The War in Don Emmanuels' Nether Parts" and "Senor Vivo and the Coca Lord". I think they are excellent but not for everyone.

Can't help you with the weaving, sorry.